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Brian Law’s   Leonardo da Vinci Models
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Copyright © All rights reserved. Brian Law Design Leonardo-da-Vinci-Self-supporting-Bridge-p1.jpg Self supporting Bridge Folio 69ar.JPG

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The Self supporting bridge was designed by Leonard around 1486 in response to a request from his patron Cesare Borgia. for a simple bridge to allow troops to cross a river. The design was to be simple assemble on site by regular troops with no woodworking skills.

Leonardo designed this bridge with 2 simple parts (5 short poles and 10 long ones notched) that once assembled would stand under its own weight without requiring any ties or connections.

It may be that a weight was tied beneath the central cross member to stabilise the bridge when there was no weight upon it and that planks attached across the bare cross rails to enable troops to move more quickly.

The simplicity of this design is just pure genius.

Self Supporting Bridge- Codex Atlanticus Folio 69r

You can download the 3D model files in IGS and STP formats for free.

Click here to download the files.

The only proviso is that you do not use the files to sell, or make models from the design to then sell on.

The files are for personal use only.